2017 Vision

Hey PCC!

2016 included your faithfulness.

We had the pleasure of delivering so much food to a domestic violence shelter!  There were dozens of hams and turkeys as well as so many cases of canned goods, fruit, potatoes etc.

We also delivered huge food baskets to several different families at Thanksgiving.

Your generosity & faithfulness is appreciated!    Thank you!


NOW – we look forward to 2017

The theme of the first half of the year is

“Living Out of Our Inheritance (Authority)”


As Kari and I have been ministering to friends, God has continued to emphasize that:
“His children do not know how to fight in the spiritual realm.”                                                                               but He is going to teach us!


2017 will be about moving from  the 10,000’ level to the 50,000’ level!

Victory comes in the spiritual realm  (what I am referring to as the 50,000’ level)

Where is the Power? 2 Timothy 3:5                                                                                                                         I believe we lack power today because of our lack of Unity (Gen 11), lack of Prayer (and I mean true intimacy with God in our prayer), lack of focus and knowledge about the Blood of Jesus, lack of serious study & understanding of the Word and complete lack of understanding of the Holy Spirit.


Sermon Topics we are about to study are:                                                                                     Territorial Spirits, Spiritual  Warfare,  The Work of the Holy Spirit, The Work of Angels, The Glory of God, The Power of the Word of God, Identity in Christ, Power of Words

2017 will be a year like none other…I am in awe of God and what is ahead of us!  It is time to pray and pray and pray….


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